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The Beginning

Monopolize Your Name on the Internet!

I purchased this domain and built this website so I can own my name on the internet. One grows tired of the constant changing of terms and conditions of social media companies. I personally have all the usual suspects in terms of social media accounts (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Now I'm saying it's time for me to own my own web real estate. Now I can say I'm no longer beholden to a single Social Media conglomerate! I now have alternatives in terms of where I post to the world. I'm no longer owned by big business as I'm now an owner, and a monopoly holder, of my name.

All joking aside, the goal is to write entertaining posts that might help readers succeed, more often, in life and business.

Thanks for reading. Godspeed!

About me: I’m mostly focused on internet growth, culture, and startups and am the COO at Wafer Inc. When I can find time between being a co-founder and life I enjoy writing, mostly here and occasionally on Linkedin. If you enjoy my writing, subscribe or follow me on LinkedIn to see more in the future.


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