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Build Strength for the Hard Times

It’s January and on the east cost of the United States we are seeing temperatures below 10F (-12C) degrees. In the news we hear locally that this is terrible. Weather news has even gone so far as to give this weather pattern a name, "bomb cyclone". Furthermore, this weather event is the first ever. To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s really a new weather pattern or just a new name for a previously occurring weather pattern.

Anyway, yes, I suppose it is cold. I’m no weatherman, but isn’t it supposed to be cold in January?

This brings me to the point of the post. I think we should all see uncomfortable things, such as weather, as opportunities to practice our resilience to hardship.

Practice being tough when life gives you the gift of an uncomfortable situation. Practice being uncomfortable - for when times get hard on the journey of life and business, you will be ready with the mental state of a war-torn lion.

Maybe from this point on January should be MANuary (or WOMANuary). The name will remind you to start the year off by practicing getting tough when times are good.


About me: I’m mostly focused on internet growth, culture, and startups and am the COO at Wafer Inc. When I can find time between being a co-founder and life I enjoy writing, mostly here and occasionally on Linkedin. If you enjoy my writing, subscribe or follow me on LinkedIn to see more in the future.


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