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Your Perception of Reality is Your Reality

It’s amazing how strongly your mindset can affect your perception of a situation or event. One man could see an event as a disaster and allow himself to drown in self-pity, while another could see the same event as only a bump on the road to greatness.

When I was in the military I remember being “out in the field”, which essentially meant being away from home, outside in the elements, practicing military maneuvers for long periods of time (i.e. days, weeks, months). At one point, I remember it being January and raining/snowing for a few days with varying levels of intensity. The point is that it was cold, uncomfortable, and wet. The cold felt like it was unshakable. I was trying all different combinations of layering and waterproofing; however, the feeling of the cold was still constant. For fun, I decided to play a mind tick on myself. I told myself (and everyone else), "I’m not cold and I’m not going to be cold". The surprising thing was, with all other things being equal, it worked. I was way more productive, focused, and happy (surprisingly). The only variable I could change at the time was my mindset, which directly influenced my perception of the situation. Amazingly, that was the key element required to do well and enjoy life during that uncomfortable time.

Now I view mindset like beer goggles (if this is a foreign concept to you search Urban Dictionary). Once you recognize it is always playing tricks on your mind, you can take measures to change your perception for the better and, in return, make everything you do more satisfying.

About me: I’m mostly focused on internet growth, culture, and startups and am the COO at Wafer Inc. When I can find time between being a co-founder and life I enjoy writing, mostly here and occasionally on Linkedin. If you enjoy my writing, subscribe or follow me on LinkedIn to see more in the future.


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